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A Sojourn in Venice

Venice is one of Italy's major seaports, and capital of the province of Venezia in northern Italy. It was the greatest seaport in late medieval Europe and Europe's commercial and cultural link with Asia. It is also one of the world's oldest tourist and cultural centres. Aditi De writes of her visit to this most romantic of cities.Venice...

Madhubani Magic of Gangadevi

Aditi De of the 'Women's Feature Service' writes about a meeting she had in the 1980s, with Gangadevi, the gifted painter of Mithila. Gangadevi is largely responsible for placing an ancient art, practiced for centuries by the women of her village, in the artistic map of the world.Face to face, Gangadevi, seemed shy at first glance. She...

Weave of Survival

To unravel the story behind the famed Kota doria sari, Aditi De of the Women's Feature Service, travelled to Kota in Rajasthan recently. From there she went to the hamlet of Kaithoon, 15 km from Kota. Kaithoon is the real home of the legendary Kota Doria sari. The creation of each sari is a work of art, involving...