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Who Invented The Pen?

Who Invented The Pen?
The history of writing instruments with which humans have recorded and conveyed thoughts, feelings and grocery lists, is the history of civilisation itself. This is how we know about our ancestors and their lives.The handy sharpened-stone, used for skinning and killing animals was adapted into the first writing instrument. Around 24,000 BC, the cave man started drawing pictures with...

The word galaxy comes from the Greek word…

The word galaxy comes from the Greek word for milk, "gala". The Ancient Greeks thought the Milky Way was formed from spilt milk from the breast of the goddess Hera when she suckled the baby (Hercules).

Why Mother’s Day?

Why have a particular day to tell your mother that you love her and respect her, some of us might ask.Why indeed? We could do that everyday.Right. We could.But, do we?So, is it such a bad idea to have a day to honour mothers? After all, we have specific days to honour freedom fighters, leaders or other heroes. And...