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Polluted India

Where: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, IndiaHussain Sagar in Hyderabad is a lake famous for the thousands of migratory birds it attracts from other parts of India and abroad, in the winter months. But the seagulls, ducks and other migratory birds no longer find it hospitable. They only use it as a stopover and prefer to fly away elsewhere.Too many idols...

The nerveless tongue speaks in nine ways

From 'Folklore of Andhra Pradesh' by B. Rama Raju; NBT

Dead or alive, the elephant has a high value.

From 'Folklore of Andhra Pradesh' by B. Rama Raju; NBT

Kolam – a South Indian style of painting

Kolam is a South Indian style of painting that is drawn by using rice powder/chalk/chalk powder. While it is popular in many parts of Asia it is generally associated with Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and most parts of Kerala.Step by step guideline for creating a Kolam:Step 1 Prepare a grid of the required dimensions. Most Kolams are made with simple...

The Chief Minister and the Butterfly

Where: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, IndiaJuly 1, 2000: Indian politicians are mighty people, especially when they are in power. Even Nature trembles before their arrogant minds. Some years ago, when India was ruled by a Congress-I government, its environment minister decided to build a guest house in Manali. Why not, you may ask. It's a nice place. But there...

Empty clouds thunder a lot.

From 'Folklore of Andhra Pradesh' by B. Rama Raju; NBT