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Why was the apple tree crying?

Because people were always picking on him!

Meeta: My auntie thinks I’m a piece of fruit…

Meeta: My auntie thinks I'm a piece of fruit. Nidhi: What makes you think that? Meeta: She keeps calling me the apple of her eye!

Esha: An apple comes under fruit, a cauliflower…

Esha: An apple comes under fruit, a cauliflower comes under vegetables, so what does an egg come under? Hema: A hen, what else?

World’s First Space Tourist

May 11: The world's first paying space tourist is back on earth after a week-long joyride in space. On Sunday, May 6, American millionaire Dennis Tito and two Russian cosmonauts landed back on earth, as their space capsule gently parachuted down onto the barren steppe in Kazakhstan.Emerging unsteadily from the capsule, the exhilarated 60-year-old Tito, who is also a...

Go For It, Bablu!

Boy going to school. Go For It, Bablu! - A story for kids
It happened on the day school started after a heavenly two months of summer holidays. Shankar refused to wake up at 6 am. He wanted to dream more about his visit to his grandparents' home. They lived in the picturesque city of Mysore in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. He particularly wanted to remember his two trips to...

Why did the apple cry?

Q: Why did the apple cry? A: Because his mother is in a jam.

Everything is made of something

3d model of an atom
How do you make tea? Simple, put a teaspoon of tea into a boiling cup of water. Strain the water, pour some milk and sugar to taste and the tea is ready! Interestingly, everything that we prepare has a recipe and is made up of simpler ingredients.For example, what is sugar made of? It is made of sugar molecules,...

How did the Pineapple get its Name?

How did the Pineapple get its Name?
What prompted people to call banana a banana and a pineapple a pineapple and not something else?Actually there is a reason behind the names given to each and every thing; be it a fruit, vegetable, an animal or inanimate objects like stars, planets, etc. However, sometimes the names are misleading, Take the example of pineapple: no it doesn't come...