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King of Fruits – History of Mango!

Mango, in its original wild form, came from the forest of Assam in north-east India and Myanmar
It is a tree that is green at all times of the year. But it bears fruit in the height of summer. The hotter it is, the sweeter it becomes. And, it seems we humans cannot have enough of this juicy, fleshy fruit, for there are almost 1000 varieties of this king of fruits around the world to please...

The Wolf-donkey

Chun Chun hated carrots. He felt his anger rise as he heard his mother speak."How will you grow if you don't eat your vegetables?" scolded Mama Rabbit. "You won't have the strength to say BOO to a goose!""But I eat so many things!" protested Chun Chun angrily. "Just because I hate carrots, you scold me every day!"Mama Rabbit sighed."How...