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Plasticine Candle Stand

Before you begin making the candle stand, spread some sheets of newspaper so that you do not dirty the floor.The things you need:1. Plasticine2. Old newspaper3. Steel bowlStep 1: Flatten plasticine to make a circle. Cut a perfect circle using the rim of the steel bowl.Step 2: Roll some plasticine in a cylindrical shape.Step 3: Place it vertically in...

Candle Stand

This candle stand is simple and it can be made by children as young as four years.The things you need:1. A few earthen lamps 2. Glitter 3. Transparent adhesiveStep 1: Spread a newspaper sheet and keep the glitter and lamps on it.Step 2: Put some adhesive on the earthen lamp and sprinkle the glitter on it.You can make different patterns and...