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Finger Puppet

Make a finger puppet for your little sister, and watch her squeal with joy.Things you need:1. Bits of card sheets or thick paper.2. Sketch pen or crayons.3. Fevicol.4. Scissors.Step 1: Draw the outline of a figure that you want to make a puppet of. It could be a human puppet, an animal, a bird or even inanimate...

Interesting Labels

We all have parties at home and often we hear people asking the ingredients of a dish. Here is how you can tell them.The things you need:White card sheet, pencil, eraser, sketch pens and colours.Step 1. Draw on the card sheet the main ingredient of your dish.Step 2. If it is a non vegetarian dish you can draw the...

10 Tips for Parents of Children with Internet access

#1 Take the trip together. Take the time to see what your kids are doing online and what their interests are. If you don't know how to log on, get your child to show you.#2 Teach kids never to give out their personal information to people they meet online, especially in public places like chat rooms and bulletin boards.#3...

Son: Father can you write with closed eyes?

Son: Father can you write with closed eyes? Father: Of course, my son! Son: Then please sign my report card