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Haiti Hit By Massive Earthquake

Where: Port-au-Prince, HaitiJanuary 28, 2010 : A massive earthquake hit the Caribbean nation of Haiti* on January 12, 2010. It's magnitude was 7.0 on the Richter scale**. The earthquake struck close to the capital city of Port-au-Prince. The first tremors destroyed most of the city. Two strong aftershocks followed almost immediately. In what is one of the...

A Caribbean Journey

A Caribbean Journey
More than 6000 islands lie scattered like jewels between North and South America. Man, what a place and what a history. Find out for yourself.

The Luckiest Men?

St Pierre was a town of some 30,000 inhabitants, lying in a mile-long, crescent-shaped strip in the Martinique Islands, in the Caribbean or West Indies. The city had a grand backdrop: the 4,430 feet high Mount Pelee or 'bald' mountain. The mountain lives on but the town has become a part of its fiery history. Mount Pelee is a...

Where did Jazz Originate?

Where did Jazz Originate?
One has just to blow a note on a sax and your feet start tapping to the rhythm and your body starts swaying to the music. That's Jazz for you. Ragtime, hip-hop, be bop, cool, blues - the very names make your finger snap and do a Texas two-step, no?Jazz has often been called the only art form to...

Pollution – an old ancestral legacy

Pollution - an old ancestral legacy
If you thought today's pollution and environmental damage was just as old as the coming of industrial factories, smoke and chemical waste, you were wrong. A recent report in the journal 'Science' says that environmental pollution is as old as human existence itself, though industrialisation certainly hastened the process.The report is based on a study consisting of the combined...

Q is for Queue and not Queen any more

July 22: Ever found your school uniform displayed on the pages of your textbook?Well, students of schools run by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), did. In a colourful English primer brought out by MCD a few days ago. It is called 'My First Book', says a report in 'The Times of India'.These students saw a picture of their...

Jellyfish: Fragile Creature of the Sea

Jellyfish: Fragile creature of the sea
A sudden influx of jellyfish, in the Gulf of Mexico in the Atlantic Ocean is worrying both scientists and fisher folk alike. The Gulf of Mexico is bordered on the north by the United States, on the east by Cuba, and on the south and west by Mexico.Jellyfishes are invertebrates (animals without a spinal column). Some are also venomous...

Going Bananas

Where: TaiwanJuly 7, 2000: The military force of the Asian country of Taiwan was put on a very important job last week. They were ordered by the government to eat as many bananas as possible.The members of government did the same thing. They stood outside their parliament and munched bananas for a long time. Journalists from newspapers, radio...