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Save rivers, lakes from worshippers

People use crane to lift Lord Ganesha idol for the traditional immersion during Hindu festival ganesh chathurthi (Hyderabad, India)
Before every Ganesh Chaturthi, people from across India, especially Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Orissa, get busy with preparations for celebrations. But, as the momentum of activity increases, officials of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) start feeling queasy in their stomachs. For, though festivals like Ganesh Puja and Durga Puja are a time for fun, it is...

An Earth Day Fable

Indians are masters of junk. And out of junk they produce masterpieces. One such junk master is the sculptor Nek Chand who fashioned his sculptures from waste. The story goes that Nek chand was once invited to America to fashion sculptures, works of art out of waste. Nek Chand came back disillusioned and glum complaining that their junk was...

Indians: Masters of Junk

Where: New Delhi, IndiaIn the last couple of years, in the Indian capital, Delhi, and in many other parts of the country, schoolchildren have led a very effective campaign against plastic - the material that is choking the earth.But why do we Indians store so much junk? Well known sociologist Shiv Visvanathan tells us the reason in...