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Programmed to learn

Computer Hardware Quiz
Two boys and two girls. They were to be found at one of the busiest traffic signals in south Delhi. The boys were about five or six years of age. The girls looked older, about eight or nine. As the traffic zipped along on the road, the four of them would play their own games on the divider. As...

A World for Children

July 31: K Shankar Pillai (1902-1989) or Shankar as he was called, was one of India's best-known and best-loved cartoonists. Besides cartooning, he had one other love - children. He was especially interested in encouraging a child's creativity. It was lucky for children that he thought this way, and from Delhi, where he was settled he wove an amazing...

Two Sides of a Coin

The Exquisite Balance Written by Poile SenguptaIllustrations by Mrinal MitraPublished by Children's Book Trust (CBT).Suprabha and Subir's mother always thought that being twins, her children would have a lot in common - not just physically but also in their ways of thinking. But she realised gradually that her daughter, Suprabha, and son Subir, were poles apart.And Suprabha was not like...