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The Birth of Christ

Nativity scene: The birth of Christ
Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Everyone knows that. Do you know the entire story of his birth?Let me narrate it in brief. Over 2000 ago, Roman emperor Caesar Augustus, issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. So everyone went to his or her hometowns to register. A carpenter called Joseph,...

The Day Christ Died

Jesus on the cross
As a child, I did not know the significance of Good Friday for Christians. For me, all it meant was a day off from school. One evening, I let it slip to a friend that I thought 'Good' Friday meant something good must have happened on this day.My friend Lorraine stared at me in astonishment. Then she told me...

The Commerce of Christmas

The commerce of Christmas
Can you imagine a Christmas without lights? And no brightly illuminated shops, their racks groaning under the weight of colourful packets of cakes, wine, dolls and every other gift item you could possibly think of? Impossible? Like imagining Diwali without the fireworks?But isn't it strange how festivals like Christmas and Diwali are virtually unimaginable without the accompanying glitz that...

Was Christmas Celebrated Thousands of Years before Christ’s Birth?

Was Christmas celebrated thousands of years before Christ's birth?
Did you know that the celebrations at Christmas might have nothing to do with the birth of Christ? In fact they may well lie in a feast called Sacaea that was celebrated thousands of years before Christ's birth. Over 4000 years ago, in the region that is now Iraq, a five-day festival with the exchanges of gifts, the staging...