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Honduras President Deposed

Where: Tegucigalpa, HondurasJuly 5, 2009 : President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras in Central America was removed from office on June 28, 2009. At dawn on that day, around 300 troops went to his home and asked him to surrender at gunpoint. Mr. Zelaya was sent into exile in Costa Rica. Later, Mr. Roberto Micheletti, the speaker of...

Sea Turtles

The leatherback sea turtle
Can you name an animal that returns to the place of its birth, every single year, journeying more than 1,000 km to do so? Well, here is another hint: this animal is a sea creature that originated on earth more than 200 million years ago- making the species older than the oldest ever dinosaur.Give up? They are none other...

Can Frog Fly?

Flying or gliding tree frog is an endangered amphibian.
You must have seen frogs that jump, but have you seen frogs that can fly? Actually not fly, but glide. One member of the treefrog family which is found in Malaya can fly. It flies not for adventure, but to catch its prey.It is called Wallace's Treefrog and is more equipped to chase flying insects than other frogs.It has...