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Pollution – an old ancestral legacy

Pollution - an old ancestral legacy
If you thought today's pollution and environmental damage was just as old as the coming of industrial factories, smoke and chemical waste, you were wrong. A recent report in the journal 'Science' says that environmental pollution is as old as human existence itself, though industrialisation certainly hastened the process.The report is based on a study consisting of the combined...

The Vultures are Dying

Portrait of a Vulture
What's all this hullabaloo about 'making connections'? You must wonder why Gobar Times harps on 'making connections'. Another favourite mantra is - 'be informed'. Such boring stuff, isn't it? No tree-plantings, painting competitions, 'queez'. No 'Save the cuddly leopards'. Instead, we're asking you to spare a thought for the bald, wrinkled, smelly vulture.The vultures of Keoladeo National Park in...