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Aristotle can’t remain Ignorant!

Aristotle the great greek philosopher
The Greeks were a passionately curious lot. When Alexander the Great set off in 334 BC on the famous expedition that took him over the Hindukush into Tashkent and Kashmir, he was accompanied not only by navigators, guides and surveyors, but historians and philosophers as well.Alexander had been taught by the philosopher Aristotle, and we are told that he...

Why can’t the Sun melt Snow?

Why can’t the Sun melt Snow?
There are some things in nature that have a great capacity to toss back or reflect a great deal of the sun’s light that falls on them. One of them is snow. Newly formed snow reflects about 90 per cent of the sunlight that falls upon it. This means that the sun is powerless to melt clean snow. And...

What is Vetiver Grass?

The Amazing Vetiver Grass
If you ask someone what vetiver is, chances are that you might get a blank look. But mention the word khus, and most people will be all-smiles. For this grass have the sweetest and coolest fragrance that beat the summer heat. That is why for centuries Indians have had vetiver or khus mats and screens in their homes. A...

The Friends of Custard House

Robert Custard was a gentleman to be sure. Though he was only three-and-a-half feet off the ground and sometimes he even sported a milk moustache, he was still, quite definitely, a gentleman at the age of nine.Now, you must consider that we are talking about the India of the 1930s. The British were ruling the country. Little boys and...