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How does a Nuclear Bomb differ from a Conventional Bomb?

How does a Nuclear Bomb differ from a Conventional Bomb?
Every now and then we hear of countries of the world carrying out heated discussions about nuclear bombs. The topics range from who has the right to own a nuclear bomb and who does not, who should use it and who must not and so on. But what exactly happens when such a bomb actually explodes? And how are...

What is Cloning?

What is Cloning?
Which is the most famous sheep in the world? A sheep called Dolly. But why is Dolly famous?That is because unlike other sheep's, Dolly was not born in the usual manner. She is actually a carbon copy of her mother, like an identical twin. This means that she is the twin sister of her mother who is older by...

What is the Software for Life?

Digital illustration DNA structure
We all use computers. If you use Windows on your machine, like me, you will have a small button at the the bottom of your screen called 'Start'. Every machine in the world which has the Windows software installed has to have that button. However, we can have different screen colours, different text sizes, wallpapers etc.Similarly our bodies are...

Who’s the Brainiest animal of Them All?

The brainiest animals are chimpanzees,
The next time someone calls you an ape or a bird brain, ask her to think again. Brain scans of animals have revealed similar patterns of electrical activity in human and animal brains, so obviously humans aren't the only smart ones around.The brainiest animals are chimpanzees, which share 99 per cent of the human deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA as...

What is Ribotyping?

What is Ribotyping?
Consider this, in a murder case, the culprit has left no clues. There are no fingerprints or eye witnesses.A perfect crime, you would say. But on close inspection, the crime branch discovers a tiny strand of hair. Back in the forensic laboratories, scientists use this strand of hair to track down the criminal and solve the murder case.But, how...

Why is a Hippopotamus called a River Horse?

Why is a hippopotamus called a river horse?
Among Africa's unusual creatures is a barrel-shaped gigantic animal, the hippopotamus (plural hippopotami). The hippo is the third largest land animal after the elephant and the rhino. Slightly smaller but heavier than a white rhino, a hippo can weigh nearly 1,800 kg. The animal is huge and barrel shaped nearly 12 feet long and five feet at its shoulder,...

All About Dinosaurs

Where: Los Angeles, USANovember 4, 2000: The "dino" passion that the 1993 film 'Jurassic Park' ignited among children and adults does not show any signs of abating even in today's world of ever-shortening attention spans.In the few years since Hollywood director Steven Spielberg made his blockbuster film, an industry has sprung up around the dinosaur theme, with dino caps,...