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My Dream (A Vision Of Peace)

Children of America and Japan speak in the same voice of peace
Where the mountains touch the skyWhere poets DREAM, where eagles flyA secret place above the crowdJust beneath a silver-lined cloud.Lift your eyes to a snowy peakAnd see the soon-to-be we seekWhisper DREAMS and let them riseTo the mountains old and wise.Climbers climb, it's time to tryWhere the mountains touch the sky Take me there. Oh take me now...Someway, Someday, Somewhere,...

Excerpts from Ek-kori’s Dream

Ek-kori’s Dream By Mahasveta Devi; Translated by Lila Majumdar; Illustrations by Judhajit Sengupta, Published by National Book Trust, IndiaThere was no other way but to take cover as early as possible. The village school would open as soon as it was light and Aunt would certainly send him to school today. The mango tree was outside the house, a huge fajli...

Granny’s Girl

Neena's GrannyWritten by Vinita Krishna Illustrations by Sujasha Dasgupta Published by Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd.Some grannies are funny, some grannies are loving, but Neena's granny is her best friend. While the little girl thrives on Granny's lunchtime surprises and stories and snuggles up to her in the night, Granny looks forward to her darling's return from school and waits to hear...