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Iftar: The Meal that Breaks the Fast at Ramadan

People waiting for Iftar
It is the month of Ramadan (Ramzan) in the Islamic calendar and, for those who believe in it, each day of the month follows an identical routine: a fast from sunrise to sunset. At sundown, after a whole day of not eating or even taking a sip of water, the fast is broken. It is the time when the...

Winter Festivals around the World

Hanukkah (a Hebrew word meaning dedication), begins on the 25th of the Hebrew month of Kislev
In two weeks it will be the winter solstice (literally means sun standing still) when we have the shortest day and the longest night. Because of the earth's rotation there are two solstices, one in June and one in December. To us in the Northern Hemisphere who live above the equator, the winter solstice occurs either on the 20th,...

Ramadan: The Month of 30 Fasts

Islamic Holy Place
Ramadan (or Ramzan) is a very special month for Muslims, people of the Islamic faith. Muslims are people who follow the Islamic religion propagated by the Prophet Mohammed in the seventh century. Muslims believe that it was in this month that Allah revealed the holy book of the Muslims, the Koran (or Quran) to the prophet Mohammed.The Quran says...

Eid in Yusufpur

Guess what guys?? My dad is taking me to his village for Eid this year. I am so excited that my tummy is all tied up in knots and I can hardly wait to get there. I haven't yet enjoyed Eid the way papa says he used to when he was small. Well, I am hoping to do so...

Hamid Buys an Eid Present

Festival of Eid English translation of 'Eidgah' (Hindi) Written by Munshi Premchand Translated by Khushwant Singh Published by National Book Trust, New DelhiTranslated by the veteran columnist and writer, Khushwant Singh, Festival of Eid retains the compelling essence of the original work.This well illustrated book tells the story of Eid, as it is celebrated in a small village, and stresses that festivals...