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Elephants Don’t Diet!….

Poor Gol Matolu’s always sad. Why? I don’t know. She looks like the most perfect elephant. Tall, broad big ears, long strong trunk. No one likes to be sad. So why don’t you come with me to find out what the matter is with Gol Matolu? Ah! Here comes Hornbill, let's ask him. "Hello, do you know why the elephant’s...


You’ve heard of superheroes, of course. Batman, Superman, He-man.Then there are supergirls – Catgirl, Batgirl, who knows, even Ratgirl.There are superanimals like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. All these heroes can perform amazing tricks. They’re really good at everything and good looking besides. Although, I personally don’t think that men with little pointed ears on top of their heads...