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How did Sign Language Originate?

Listen spelled in sign language
Have you ever seen people deep in conversation with each other without a single sound coming from their lips? Their hands and fingers move animatedly as they silently 'speak' sentences that sometimes you can also guess at. These people are actually conversing using sign language because they are hearing or speech impaired.Across the world, people have developed sign language...

The Lame Groom and his English Bride

The Lame Groom and his English Bride
Kamini loved her dolls. She had three of them. Two of them were Indian and she had named them Rukmani and Ranjani, so that they rhymed with her name. Her uncle had gifted her another doll that he had brought from London, who she had named Jenny. Kamini's dolls were her babies. She brushed their teeth in the morning,...