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Where did Coffee Originate?

Roasting Ethiopian coffee the traditional way.
The aroma of coffee beans was one of the earliest smells to intoxicate me as a child - such was its flamboyant richness. That, and the lush sight of frothy white milk becoming creamier as it mixed with the nut-brown coffee decoction, served in steel tumblers, was perfect happiness.It is a memory shared by many Indians living in the...

My Robot Robbi

My Robot Robbi
Have you ever seen a robot? No? Meet my robot friend and philosopher, Robbi. To be precise, its name is Robbi-999XHA.You may wonder what is Robbi-999XHA. Just as cars, washing machines or xerox machines are of different models with different names, does this strange name also indicate something similar? Yes, you’re absolutely right! It is a particular domestic model of...

War Memorial for Child Soldiers

Where: New York, USASeptember 23, 2000: "Everyone was dying. You saw the legs or hands of your friends lying in front of you. It was so horrifying, you couldn't make sense of it. It was hell… Boys lay on the ground for three or four days without being buried. We were fighting around their corpses." This is how...