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General Motors Out of Bankruptcy

Where: Detroit, Michigan, USAJuly 10, 2009 : The USA's biggest carmaker, General Motors, had declared bankruptcy on June 1, 2009. When a company is unable to repay its debts to creditors, it can seek legal protection by filing a bankruptcy plea. The action also ensures that all creditors are repaid in equal measure. The case of General...

How can We Use Water to run Cars?

How can We Use Water to run Cars?
Huge amounts of polluting gases are being released into the earth's atmosphere by the large scale burning of fossil fuels or natural fuels found under the earth. These gases are the main culprits behind the phenomenon of global warming and other climatic changes.In order to find cleaner fuels, scientists around the world are trying to find a fuel or...

How Did Advertising Start in India?

How did advertising start in India?
The first newspaper in India was brought out by an Englishman James Augustus Hickey in 1780 who was stationed at Calcutta. The paper was brought out on Saturdays and was first called the Calcutta General Advertiser or Hickey's Bengal Gazette.Publishing a newspaper is an expensive business as Hickey realised to his cost. He was losing money faster than the...