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I Carried the Olympic Torch

In his early 40s, George Abraham is known as the man who has used the game of cricket to encourage a competitive spirit and confidence among the blind. He is the man who singlehandedly put cricket for the blind on the world map, literally.It was Wednesday, July 10, 1996, the time 11.30 p.m. The telephone rang. It was...

The Boy who Lacked Sight but Had a Vision

It was like any other day in school for six-year-old George Abraham. He went to La Martinere school in Lucknow, where he lived with his aunt. The school was open to boys till the fourth standard.That day, as usual, the teacher found that the little boy was holding the book next to his nose. She complained and George had...

A Tale of Two Wonders

Where: USA and IndiaJune 24, 2000: In the first week of June, Indian newspapers wrote about two very different kinds of success stories. Both involved youngsters -- one 12 year old and another teenaged boy. One was in the United States, the other was in Madurai (Tamil Nadu), India. But both proved that their success had very little to...