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How Wool Came Into Existence

How Wool Came Into Existence
It must have been a very intelligent human who looked at a sheep walking past and thought of the use its fleece might have!Although the oldest surviving textile made out of wool is around 3,500 years old, the oldest fine woolen fabric dates to the fifth century BC (about 2,500 years ago) and was found in an ancient Greek...

The Empire Strikes Back

October 28: The roots of the present-day education system in India lie in British attempts, more than one and a half century ago, to raise a breed of English-speaking Indians who were 'babus' or clerks and could manage the affairs of the British rulers.That is why the study of English has always been stressed in India, even if it...

Why do People Kiss Under the Mistletoe?

Why do People Kiss Under the Mistletoe?
In millions of homes in Europe and America, a sprig of mistletoe with berries is hung outside the doorway at Christmastime. According to custom, a man is allowed to kiss a girl if she is standing under the mistletoe.Legend has it that when Balder, the son of the Norse goddess Frigga was killed by an arrow made of mistletoe...

Bermudas on Beaches — and in Parliament

August 12: Very soon members of Parliament in Bermuda will go to work wearing Bermuda shorts. This is what the lawmakers of Bermuda Islands have decided.Usually, parliaments across the world are known for their sober dress sense to convey that being a member of the legislature is no laughing matter, and the prestige of the Parliament has to be...