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The Stowaway

Marco Puss, the famous cat explorer, arrived at the docks one day. It was all new to him -- the noise and bustle, the interesting smells, the cranes, the ship.‘A house on water,’ he thought. ‘How exciting!’ Tail in the air, he stalked up the gangway. When he was halfway up he heard a shout.‘Whose cat is that? Get...

The Family Album

Cheerful Spirits Written by Gita Iyengar Illustrations by Pulak Biswas Published by National Book Trust, New DelhiSummer vacations seemed never-ending when Priya first moved into her new home. Till she met Hari, the boy living next door. Suddenly excitement fills the air as they go about exploring the nooks and crannies of Hari's cluttered home. But the real adventure comes along only...