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Where Holi is the Talk of the Town

Krishna and Radha Celebrating the Holi Festival
Think of Holi and you think of two places in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh where the festival has a special status. First, the area known as Brajbhoomi comprising Mathura, Vrindavan, Govardhan, Gokul (all connected to Lord Krishna's birth, childhood and early youth) and Barsana (Radha's village). Here Holi is a robust enactment of the legends of Radha...

India Quiz : Holi’s Here!

Holi: Indian festival of colours
It's known as the festival of colours and is made up of a fascinating mix of legends and celebrations from different parts of India. Care to follow the coloured trail?

Holi – The Colours of Spring

Quick, think of spring and what comes to mind? The festival of Holi, of course!! Think of Holi and what springs to mind? 'Gulal' or dry colours in bright shades, 'pichkaris' or water pistols, and buckets of water to drench people, right? For, winter has finally come to an end, and the friendly mischief of spring is in the...

Holi – The Colour of Fun is Red, Blue, Green

Holi or the festival of colours, is celebrated with great enthusiasm in India, and by the Indian communities settled abroad. It is a time when the young and old alike, are in a mood to make merry. The most important aspect of this festival is its informal nature. Though a Hindu festival, it is played by Indians from all...


Holi: Indian festival of colours
बसंत की हवा के साथ रंगती मन को मलती चेहरे पर हाथ ये होली लिए रंगों की टोली लाल गुलाबी बैंगनी हरी पीली ये नवरंगी तितली है। आज तो जाएगी घर घर दर दर ये मौज मनाएंगी भूल पुराने झगड़े सारे सबको गले लगाएगी पीली फूली सरसौं रानीबच्चों के लिए हिन्दी कविता Hindi poem for children