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Indian Children on US Mars Project

October 6: The planet Mars, or the 'red-planet' as it's called, has fascinated people on earth for centuries. The fourth planet from the sun, Mars is the nearest planet to earth.This stunning landmass of craters, an uneven surface and dark skies has been a highly favoured destination for space travelers in science fiction, the body of literature that deals...

Why does a Kentish Plover Parent Desert its Family?

Adult Kentish Plover Water Bird
When couples exchange vows on the marriage day, they generally say 'till death do us part'. For a species of shore-dwelling bird called the Kentish Plover, it is 'till divorce do us part'.Indeed, birds of this species usually leave their partners after the incubation (hatching) of the eggs and usually it is the female who moves on, while the...

The Girl who Won the Boys Chess Title

Koneru Humpy will win many chess titles in her career. After each title she will also get many phone calls congratulating her. But there is one phone call she will never forget. It is the call she got from Viswanathan Anand, after she won the World Chess Championship title in the under-12 category, last year. The championship was held in Spain.In...

What is the Rubik’s Cube?

What is the Rubik's Cube?
My nephew Akshay was a brat. No two ways about it. When he was not occupied with dismantling everything that moved, ticked, or clicked he would be engaged in stuffing an icecube down your shirt when you were busy working on whatever it is that didn't involve him.After a lot of thought, my uncle and I decided to purchase...