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King of the Birds

King of the Birds
The birds of the jungle had no king. It was a real embarrassment for them since everyone else in the jungle had kings.A king is someone who heads the flock and decides every thing for them. All the birds decided they too needed a king. The called a meeting to resolve the problem.But who will be the king?The Mynah...

Woes Beat Foes!

Vikram and his friends were in the land of giants!"That must be a giant's house! " said Vikram, shading his eyes and peering into the distance."Let's say hello to him!" giggled Anshul."Don't be silly!" retorted Ajit. "Want to be gobbled up?"Vikram was already making his way towards the building."FEE! FO! FUM!" roared someone. "Who's there? I smell the blood...