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These Bold Police Women

April 21: These days Nirbhay (Fearless) Singh Gujjar, is not really living up to his name. This dreaded outlaw who operates in India's most notorious dacoit-infested region, the Chambal Valley in the Bhind district of northern Madhya Pradesh, is on the run because he is scared of a 28 year-old police officer.Her name is Priyanka Mishra and she is...

Camel’s Milk and Pet Registration

November 24: Hey, how about trying camel's milk instead of buffalo's or cow's milk with your porridge? Not very keen on the thought? Doesn't sound appetising?Did you know that many mothers, particularly in the rural regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat, offer camel's milk to their children? Unlike cow's milk, a camel's milk is rather salty and very thick. But...