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Indian chess queens make their move

Check Mate, says Koneru HumpyIn 1997, a smiling, curly-haired, nine-year-old Indian girl announced her arrival in the chess world. Koneru Humpy, from Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh, won the World under-10 Championship at Cannes, in France. Not only that, she made a habit of winning world titles -- And made a habit of winning world titles – World under-12...

Chess for Children: A Smart Move

Chess for Children: A Smart Move
When we think of chess we think of two adults sitting opposite each other, thinking of ways and means to outsmart the other. Many people feel it is a very difficult game. But do you know that most chess players and champions start very young?Viswanathan Anand, number two in the world, played his first chess game at the age...

The Girl who Won the Boys Chess Title

Koneru Humpy will win many chess titles in her career. After each title she will also get many phone calls congratulating her. But there is one phone call she will never forget. It is the call she got from Viswanathan Anand, after she won the World Chess Championship title in the under-12 category, last year. The championship was held in Spain.In...