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Winter Festivals around the World

Hanukkah (a Hebrew word meaning dedication), begins on the 25th of the Hebrew month of Kislev
In two weeks it will be the winter solstice (literally means sun standing still) when we have the shortest day and the longest night. Because of the earth's rotation there are two solstices, one in June and one in December. To us in the Northern Hemisphere who live above the equator, the winter solstice occurs either on the 20th,...

Little Blue Daisies

Little blue daisiesin my flowerbed First came the ladybird red red red Fly away ladybird said the daisy blue Poor little ladybird flew flew flewThen came the grasshopper green green green He hid in the leaves not to be seen Hop away grasshopper, said the daisy blue Poor little grasshopper Went hop, hop hopThird came the bumblebee black black black Humming to himself a brand new song Fly away bumblebee, said the daisy blue Poor little...