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From Heaven To Hell

A post nuclear apocalyptic scenario
Kaz Suyeishi will never forget the quiet peace of the cloudless August morning in 1945. The 18-year-old was in the front garden of her home in Hiroshima. She was chatting with a friend, when a gleam of silver in the sky caught her attention. "It looked like an angel," she said. "It was the most beautiful airplane. It looked...

A Beautiful Ship in the Sky

A beautiful ship in the sky! Planet earth with translucent water of the oceans, atmosphere, clouds...
In the boundless ocean of space, a beautiful ship sails serenely around the sun. Our earth – Lovelier than the moon, this fragile ship travels one hundred and sixty thousand kilometres every hour.Space is full of countless such ships. But our Earth is special. It is the only ship which carries life – the only ship with voyagers on board.Four hundred thousand different kinds...