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He Can’t See But He Shows The Way

As a child, he would beat up anyone who dared to call him "andha" or the blind one. Now he does not need to.Last week, he beat 33 people with his navigational skills at a car rally and emerged the winner.Meet Vipin Malhotra, who navigated a car through a distance of 50 km in one hour and 10 minutes...

This Time Teachers are the Students

August 12: About 55,000 teachers in West Bengal are going back to school. They are going to be taught English so that they can teach the language to their students.The West Bengal government has realised that most primary school teachers in the state do not know the ABC of English. Rather, they don't remember.The reason is not hard to...

How the Gorkhas Came to Dehradun

Some time ago, Madhu Gurung wrote about her grandmother who was the best storyteller in the world. Once 'Bajai' as she was called, told a different kind of a story - a real story of how the Gorkha warriors of Nepal came to settle down in Dehradun. Among them was Bajai's grandfather, the chieftain of a clan.Bajai...