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Madagascar’s President Marc Ravalomanana Steps Down

Where: Antananarivo, MadagascarMarch 17, 2009 : President Marc Ravalomanana of Madagascar stepped down as troops seized control of his offices and the presidential residence. Mr. Andry Rajoelina declared himself president with the support of military forces. He rejected Mr Ravalomanana's offer of a referendum to solve the crisis and called for his arrest. He also announced that there...

How do Chameleons Latch on to Prey Using Just Their Tongue?

Chameleon catching prey
Have you ever seen a chameleon flick its tongue at a fly? Well, this small reptile with a foot long body has an extremely long tongue. Its nearly three-fourths the length of its body!A chameleon can launch its tongue out at targets up to two body lengths away. It flicks its tongue and can snap its prey in 1/25th...