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Himalayas Have a Deep Impact on the Climate of the World

Himalayas Have a Deep Impact on the Climate of the World
Tibet is known as the roof of the world. That is because it is on a region which has the highest altitude in the world. The Himalayan mountain range merges into the Tibetan plateau to form this region known as the Himalaya-Tibetan Plateau.Besides being the roof of the world, this plateau also has a deep impact on the climate...

How did the Modern Horse Originate?

Przhevalsky horses -- named after the Russian geographer and explorer Nikolai Przhevalsky.
Many millions of years ago a fox-like animal roamed across the plains of what is now the American continent. At that time the continents were not even divided as they are today.This animal had four soft toes on its feet like a cat or dog. This animal came to be called the 'eohippus' by modern day scientists who discovered...

The Lake and the Birds

Where: Himachal Pradesh, IndiaMarch 8, 2001: The picturesque Pong Dam lake region in the mountainous state of Himachal Pradesh, is losing its lustre. A great deal of its charm has lain in the fact that it is north India's largest refuge for migrating birds escaping harsh winters abroad. But not for long, if recent trends are any indication.A low...