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Word Match Game

Match the picture with the word by dragging it with your mouse and dropping it in the respective box.

Odd One Out

Spot the odd alphabet. Throw it in the dustbin with your mouse.


Breakout. Steer the green bat with your mouse to bounce the red ball and break through the wall.

Word Search

Find a word by dragging your mouse over the letter grid. Once found, words will remain circled.


As the bombs appear randomly on screen, click your mouse and ignite them.

A baby mouse saw a bat for the first time…

A baby mouse saw a bat for the first time. He ran home yelling, "Mummy, mummy, I've just seen an angel."

Roman Holiday

Suitcase - checked. Diary - checked. I am writing my last lines before I take off in the time machine. Time machine - checked! This time it's going to ancient Rome at the height of its empire. Only this morning I read somewhere that when in Rome, do as the Romans do. If you want to accompany me, sit...

Karan: What’s the difference between a mouse…

Karan: What's the difference between a mouse and an elephant? Pranav: I don't know, what is the difference? Karan: Well, if you really can't tell, it's time you wore glasses!

Monu Makes his Mark

Mongoose killing a snake: Monu Makes his Mark - A story for kids
Monu the mongoose crawled out of the ditch in the back garden. His mother was already out with his three little brothers. They had long bodies with short legs. They had bushy tails and tiny ears. And they had bright eyes, which shone like beads.They did things fast. They were already good hunters like their mother. But Monu was...