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Programmed to learn

Computer Hardware Quiz
Two boys and two girls. They were to be found at one of the busiest traffic signals in south Delhi. The boys were about five or six years of age. The girls looked older, about eight or nine. As the traffic zipped along on the road, the four of them would play their own games on the divider. As...

What is Pluto – a Star or a Comet?

What is Pluto - a Star or a Comet?
Which is the planet farthest from the sun? Pluto, of course. But, some recent findings suggest that Pluto is not a planet at all. It seems Pluto could actually be a comet, reports the National Geographic website - www.nationalgeographic.comBasically, it is Pluto's small size that has got it into trouble. It has a diameter of approximately 1,420 miles or 2,280...

Go For It, Bablu!

Boy going to school. Go For It, Bablu! - A story for kids
It happened on the day school started after a heavenly two months of summer holidays. Shankar refused to wake up at 6 am. He wanted to dream more about his visit to his grandparents' home. They lived in the picturesque city of Mysore in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. He particularly wanted to remember his two trips to...

The Earth Is Getting dimmer

The eerie glow around a crescent moon is called earthshine.
If you have viewed a crescent moon on a clear night, you would have observed an eerie glow around the moon. This is called earthshine. Do you know why the moon glows?Our earth and the moon act as giant mirrors that reflect sunlight. Actually most objects reflect light. A mirror reflects almost all the light that falls on it....

The Filmmaker

Shooting 'Shores of Silence', was probably more exciting than shooting a high-voltage action thriller for Mike Pandey and his two crewmembers. The small fishing boat that they rode the high seas in, was tossed by huge waves like a cork, threatening their life and equipment several times. But the three hung on, determined to shoot the sequence that was...

India Quiz : Know Kerala

A National Geographic Society publication has listed Kerala among the world's "50 greatest places of a lifetime." Test your awareness of this beautiful state of India.