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What is Thanksgiving?

A modern thanksgiving feast
Celebrated on the fourth Thursday on November, this American festival is an acknowledgement of gratitude for a plentiful harvest. Nearly all cultures celebrate this festival. For instance south Indians celebrate it as Pongal in the month of January, while the north Indians celebrate it as Holi in the month of March.The American act of thanksgiving began during the early...

How did Sign Language Originate?

Listen spelled in sign language
Have you ever seen people deep in conversation with each other without a single sound coming from their lips? Their hands and fingers move animatedly as they silently 'speak' sentences that sometimes you can also guess at. These people are actually conversing using sign language because they are hearing or speech impaired.Across the world, people have developed sign language...

The Hows and Whys of Bubble Gum

The Market Theater Gum Wall is covered in used chewing gum
Chew this question: What is small and pink, tastes sweet, can be chewed for hours without it dissolving, yet is not to be swallowed? Some doctors feel that it helps to relieve stress. Others think it is good for the teeth. Americans are constantly rolling it about in their mouth and the US army gives it as part of...