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The Scent of an Enemy

The Scent of an Enemy
It seems the fish were always a smart lot. Only, humans took some time to realise the fact. Some years ago, scientists had discovered that they identify family members with their smell. Now, scientists in Glasgow University, have discovered something new, according to a report in the journal 'New Scientist'. They have discovered that the salmon fish go a...

Dinosaur eggs Found in Patagonia

Close to 100 million years old dinosaur egg. Displayed at University of Zurich.
The film Jurassic Park is peanuts compared to this: Last month, Argentine scientists found thousands of dinosaur eggs in hundreds of nests at Patagonia. A report in the journal New Scientist says that it is the biggest nesting site of dinosaurs found thus far. Each nest contained 15 to 30 eggs the size of a grapefruit each. The eggs...

Your Mobile Phone Has a Bug

Your Mobile Phone Has a Bug: Illustration of a virus on a smartphone
When people talk of a virus these days, chances are that they are talking about computer viruses that have the power to wipe out all the valuable work they may have stored in their computers. Imagine, this virus has the power to make military systems, giant banks, airports, hospitals and traffic systems come to a halt!The softer the name...