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Beef in McDonald’s Fries

May 11: Fast food giant McDonald's seems to be frying in its own fat once again - quite literally at that. Last week, an Indian-American lawyer, Harish Bharti took the fast food giant to a US court for lacing its french fries with beef flavouring, a chemical compound that mimics the taste of beef fat. Millions of Hindus from...


Standing on the edge of a platform looking 150 feet straight down at the river below I thought to myself, how did I get roped into this mess? Do I really want to go ahead with this foolishness? Shouldn't I be back with my feet firmly planted on the ground?I was standing on the platform of a 100-ft high...


Excerpts from  'Rats'. First published by Vigyan Prasar, IndiaNow at this time there was a great plague of rats in the London Docks. They were specially fierce rats, whose ancestors had come on steamers from Hong Kong along with tea and ginger and silk and rice. These rats ate all sorts of food which are brought to London in...