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Where did Coffee Originate?

Roasting Ethiopian coffee the traditional way.
The aroma of coffee beans was one of the earliest smells to intoxicate me as a child - such was its flamboyant richness. That, and the lush sight of frothy white milk becoming creamier as it mixed with the nut-brown coffee decoction, served in steel tumblers, was perfect happiness.It is a memory shared by many Indians living in the...

My Robot Robbi

My Robot Robbi
Have you ever seen a robot? No? Meet my robot friend and philosopher, Robbi. To be precise, its name is Robbi-999XHA.You may wonder what is Robbi-999XHA. Just as cars, washing machines or xerox machines are of different models with different names, does this strange name also indicate something similar? Yes, you’re absolutely right! It is a particular domestic model of...