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The Vultures are Dying

Portrait of a Vulture
What's all this hullabaloo about 'making connections'? You must wonder why Gobar Times harps on 'making connections'. Another favourite mantra is - 'be informed'. Such boring stuff, isn't it? No tree-plantings, painting competitions, 'queez'. No 'Save the cuddly leopards'. Instead, we're asking you to spare a thought for the bald, wrinkled, smelly vulture.The vultures of Keoladeo National Park in...

Killing them Surely

Where: Surat, Gujarat, IndiaNovember 4, 2000: When a member of the Parsi community dies, according to their religion, the body is not buried or consigned to flames. It is placed in the "Tower of Silence" for the scavenger birds or vultures to feed on them so that even in death the body is of use.In Surat, Gujarat, till a...