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When was the First Circumnavigation by Air?

A canard wing plane the 'Voyager' flown by Richard Rutan and Jeana Yeager
Ever since Colombus set sail to see if the world was flat or round, intrepid explorers have vied with each other to go around the earth. The world has been circumnavigated by sea by Marco Polo and people have walked across continents from end to end. But until 1924 no one had tried to circumnavigate the world by air...

Runu and Chotu

A June morning. Holiday morning. "Fun! fun!" Runu thought as she woke up. No school, lots of cartoons on TV, computer games, and surely, a trip to the ice cream parlour. Fun, fun indeed! Runu gulped down her chocolate milk.Mom and Dad came in to pet her. Dad said, "Sorry baby, but we have to go see someone who...