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I Carried the Olympic Torch

In his early 40s, George Abraham is known as the man who has used the game of cricket to encourage a competitive spirit and confidence among the blind. He is the man who singlehandedly put cricket for the blind on the world map, literally.It was Wednesday, July 10, 1996, the time 11.30 p.m. The telephone rang. It was...

Why were the 1904 Olympics Such a Disaster?

1904 St. Louis Olympics
The 2000 Summer Olympics at Sydney were a millennium extravaganza unparalelled in the history of the Games. Techno-wizardry was at its best and the spectacular pageantry and the actual Games thrilled millions of viewers worldwide.Hosting the Games is big business. What the host country spends is trifling compared to the amount of money it receives by way of advertising...