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Do Raccoons Wash their Hands Before they Eat?

Do raccoons wash their hands before they eat?
We wash vegetables before cooking it. And we wash our hands before we start eating. That is because we have been told that washing would clean our food and that cleanliness is necessary to keep diseases away. But, have you seen cows, dogs or cats wash their food? They don't.But there is one kind of furry mammals called racoons,...

Can Frog Fly?

Flying or gliding tree frog is an endangered amphibian.
You must have seen frogs that jump, but have you seen frogs that can fly? Actually not fly, but glide. One member of the treefrog family which is found in Malaya can fly. It flies not for adventure, but to catch its prey.It is called Wallace's Treefrog and is more equipped to chase flying insects than other frogs.It has...

What are Canal Locks?

In some rivers or canals the water is not too deep for large ocean-going ships. In such places large watertight compartments are built that help ships and boats go up or down different levels on rivers or canals. These are called canal locks.In certain areas, man-made canals are constructed to connect two water bodies. These canals are built to...