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Vast Coral Reef in South-East Asia May Disappear by End of Century, Warns WWF Report

Where: Manado, IndonesiaMay 14, 2009 : The World Ocean's Conference, a two-day meeting of ministers and officials from more than 80 countries was held in Manado, Indonesia. Rising sea levels, warming waters and increased acidity caused by global warming were some of the major issues discussed here.A World Wildlife Fund report released to coincide with the conference reveals...

The Smart Polluters

A chicken running scared
Health officials in Canada are very busy these days. They are placing chickens at fixed points all along their border with the United States of America. That's an enormous distance of 2,500 km.It's not a practical joke, nor have the Canadians gone mad. They are using these chickens to see if the deadly West Nile virus is lurking around....

What is a Tsunami?

Basic types of tsunami
Last year there were three more fishing villages in the Pacific island country of Papua New Guinea than there are today. You might ask why. The answer is that these three villages were washed away by an ocean wave that was more like a giant wall of water. It goes by the name tsunami, a Japanese term meaning a...