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The Pigeon Party

Twenty noisy pigeons Had a party last night The last egg Had hatched The youngest one Was OUT! They rocked on the TV wires looked the kitten In the eye They splashed In the pool - the kitten’s water bowl And then they had a contest - Who showers more droppings On the clothesline It must have been a good party Many must have won For the clothes were splattered With the proof of the fun!

Kappu has a Bath

Kappu maharaj sat in a tub Splashing water left, right and above Papa sat rubbing his legs While Mama poured water on the head. Together they wrapped Their baby in a towel One dried his hair And the other gave him a massage.

Kappu wants to Draw

Pencil, paper, crayons and pen Get them all to Kappu's den Spread the paper on the floor For little maharaj wants to draw. Two lines here and four lines there Zig-zig patterns and a circle in pairs Kappu scribbled on all the sheets Till it was time for him to sleep.

Summer fan

The fan turns slow On a hot airless night Like a bird without wings That has forgotten to fly. I look closely What a surprise! There are beads of sweat On the fan blades as well. The cooler and the cooled Are in the same state It’s going to be a tough summer At this rate.

Kappu goes to the Zoo

Kappu maharaj, where are you going? Zoo! What will you see there? Bear! But how will you go? Car! And, may I ask with who? You!

Messy Kappu

Kappu maharaj sat on the bed Clothes soiled in yellow mess Playing with a plastic ball He wasn't bothered about it all. Mamma took him in her arms Felt his bottoms with her palm "Kappuji, what did you do? Let's quickly get you a panty new."

Milk! Milk! Milk!

Morning, afternoon, evening, night Kappu wants milk all the time He drinks six bottles in a day And always feels contented and gay. Bananas and biscuits mashed in milk Are things that Kappu loves to drink As soon as he finishes drinking a bowl His mommy gives a kiss on his nose.

Kappu’s Evening Stroll

Kappu maharaj sat in his pram, With a bottle full of jam. All set to go to the park, He chuckled when he heard Buzo bark. Mama pushed his pram, and alongside Buzo ran. When it became dark, They came back from the park.

Kappu and Buzo

Buzo and Kappu played all day "Come! Come!" Kappu would say Wagging his tail and swaying his head Buzo would jump to lick Kappu's leg. Kappu maharaj was very small But not scared of Buzo at all For even when he pulled his ear There was never any fear.

Kappu Tries Hard

Kappu Maharaj, wake up fast The morning birds are chirping sweet "Unnn..nn..unn" said Kappu In a voice full of sleep Little Kappu sat on his pot But did not manage a single dot. When his mother asked "Are you done?" Kappu flashed a smile at once


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