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Why Do Knuckles Pop?

Have you ever laced your fingers together and bent your fingers back? If you pressed hard on any bent finger, you would have heard a popping sound? Finger joints produce that loud c-r-a-c-king sound. The sound comes when bubbles in the fluid around the joint burst!Our entire body is made of a skeleton of 206 bones. Bones help in...

In, Pin, Tin

In, Pin, Tin
Three little mice Named In, Pin, Tin One fat, one short The other one thin.They woke up one night As lazy as ever The moon was already up And they began to shiver.They brushed their teeth And said, 'lets eat' There's milk on the shelf Eggs, cheese and meat!But what do we wear? We have no sweater! So quickly they went To the old shopkeeper.But the shopkeeper said, 'I have no wool' For...