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What is the Mystery of Dracula?

Mystery of Dracula
As bats flap through the musty castle, a coffin lid creaks open and an ashy white hand gropes for the cover. The lid slides off and a caped figure rises in the gloom - Dracula is on the prowl! Vampires have enthralled generations of readers and moviegoers; and the most popular 'vampire' is the fearsome Count Dracula of Transylvania.Of...

Nadia Comaneci

Born on November 12, 1961, Nadia is a Romanian gymnast who was the heroine of the 1976 Olympic games at Montreal. She won gold medals for performances in the balance beam, uneven parallel bars and the all-round event, plus a silver medal in the team event and a bronze medal in the floor exercises.Comaneci was awarded a score of...