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Dress Relief

The doorbell rang. ‘Now darling remember all that I have told you,’ said Ma for the umpteenth time as she nervously opened the door. There stood Grandma in her white saree, as upright as ever with the perpetual stern look on her face. ‘Jeetiraho’ boomed her voice as Ma touched her feet. I followed her example and then helped...

Jaipur: Sawai Jai Singh’s Golden Dream

The only planned city of its time, Built by Sawai Jai Singh in his prime, Constructed with pink sandstones pretty, It's our own Jaipur city.It was the emperor's vision, It was Jai Singh's dream and ambition, constructed in the beautiful nine-grid pattern, one for each planet, Mercury to Saturn. The Jantar Mantar of astronomical size, Is really Jaipur's finest prize.And the Hawa Mahal which represents Shri Krishna's...