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The Night of the Women

March 19: A few days ago, the streets of Bogota, the capital of South American country Colombia, wore a very unusual look at night. Not one man was visible outside.Bogota's eccentric mayor, Antanas Mockus, had declared March 9, 2001, as the Night of the Women. All the city's men were ordered to stay indoors and leave the city free...

A New Camel Specie Discovered

A bactrian camel standing high in the mountains of Caucasus, Russia.
Have you ever sat on a camel? Well, if you have, then you know how scary it is when the camel rises on its long wobbly legs. The rocking motion of a camel is a bit like a ship being tossed around in heaving seas. Small wonder then that the camel is often called the ship of the desert....

Some Animal Fathers are Great Dads too!

The long-tailed Gentoo penguin incubates eggs
Most animals never even see their parents. Many never meet their fathers and some do not meet their mothers either. Some insects, fish, amphibians and reptiles hatch from fertilised eggs and face life on their own. And those animals who are raised by parents, are often reared by their mothers. But we found that there are some animal fathers...

How are Frogs Different From Toads?

The red-eyed tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas) is native to rainforests in Central America.
If you travel back tens of millions of years to the age of dinosaurs, you may possibly hear a rhythmic musical croaking from marshy ponds or even under your feet. And if you look closely you would probably find the common frog goggling away at you.Amazing isn't it? Not many people know how ancient frogs are. Scientists have traced...

The Woman who was Not Afraid of Guns

Six years ago, a very brave woman called Gloria Cuartes decided to fight the election for the town mayor's post. So, what was so brave about that, you may ask. Women all over the world have been fighting some election or the other. But, 33-year-old Gloria's case was different. You see, she came from the town of Apartedo, where...